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Rent a boat in Gothenburg

At Let’s Boat you can rent a boat in Göteborg from our dock in the center of the city, located at Brunnsparken.


Let’s Boat Göteborg

You choose what time you want to rent our electric boat and then drive it yourself. Our most popular routes when renting an electric boat is between 1-2 hours. During that time you will be able to travel through the historic canals in Gothenburg which origins from the 17th century!

While enjoying a luxurious cruise in your electric boat you will pass by over 30 points of interest in the central parts of Gothenburg.

Would you like to experience even more of our waterways we recommend you to rent the boat for three hours or more and get the chance to see both Eriksberg and Gothenburgs own Amazon river called Säveån. When renting the boat from us both life jacket and a digital tour guide is included and our staff on the dock will help you get started.


Sail through the historical canals with your own electric boat!

There are no requirements for a license to rent the boat and you can fit as many as 12 persons onboard! Ride as a couple, family, friends, colleagues or explore Gothenburg on your own. Drinks and snacks are allowed to bring on!

A free digital tour guide which includes more than 20 stops! 🗺